The Farmhouse: Fish&Steaks

For those that were paying attention

Ramadan Mubarak! The post comes a bit late but ever since Ramadan started I feel like time has been flying faster than I can even process!

Anyway, on to business. Just before Ramadan, me and the wife decided to go for our first “fancy” meal. And I can honestly say we hit the jackpot! The chosen place? The Farmhouse, in Coventry.

Now I consider myself a steak lover, as well as a wannabe connoisseur. While I can eat normal meat, steaks have a pedestal of their own. For those of you who may not be familiar with steaks, I will break them down into my personal list:

  1. Sirloin (Top, but I don’t shy away from other types)
  2. Ribeye
  3. Tenderloin AKA Fillet Mignon
  4. Strip Steak AKA New York Strip
  5. Porterhouse Steak

I won’t keep going because I could talk about steak for days! Anyway, NQ suggested that we go and try their food and of course I said yes!

First, I will start by saying that we both fell in love with the entrance. Flowers blossoming around us and a very clean path to the restaurant (even though it was raining!) made us both very optimistic about the place.

Entrance to The Farmhouse!

Once inside we noticed that it was quite packed even though it was only around 6:15pm! We were almost immediately led to a table and I will say that the place was very clean and pleasant, although the music was just a tad bit loud. The menus were very simple to understand but had all the necessary information without being too “fussy”.

A nice touch!
Menus and plates!

We decided on the Indian fish and the Sirloin steak with a side of creamy mushroom sauce, a virgin Colada and a virgin Mojito! I will say that I was impressed with our waiters, as they made sure we were comfortable at all times and were very quick in taking our orders!

Virgin Mojito and Virgin Colada

The Mojito was very good, just slightly sweet at the end. As I am not a big fan of coconut, the Colada was not fantastic but NQ seemed to like it and that is all that matters! But then came the dishes (which were, surprisingly enough, faster than the drinks!) and this is where I give my massive props to the Chef.

Indian Fish
Sirloin Steak

The presentation of the dishes was immaculate. Clean, neat and very well organised. I absolutely loved the way the Indian Fish was served, but my Steak was not too far behind! And the coleslaw was amazing, which is something I don’t normally say when I eat it at restaurants. The mushroom sauce was very good and it complemented my steak perfectly. I can honestly say there was not a single bad point about my dish (other than the fact that there wasn’t more of it!).

At the end we were given some towels to clean and freshen-up and after that we were done! I ended up having a bit of the fish as well since NQ could not finish the full dish. Nonetheless the experience was very positive and we were both very happy with our choice for “date night”. I am happy to say that I left a very happy customer and will surely come back again at some point!


All in all, I will open my food reviews with a solid 8.5/10 on the Samosa Rating. It is a very high praise, especially coming from someone like me! While I will happily eat almost anything, I very rarely rate most foods above a 6. And most restaurants fail the cleanliness test. But The Farmhouse exceeded my expectations, both in service and food and deserve all the praise I can give them.

I apologise for such a long post, but I feel like food is something that requires time to dissect and review. I will try and make a more concise post next time.

Until then, be well, stay safe and remember that where there is a will, there is a samosa.

2 thoughts on “The Farmhouse: Fish&Steaks

  1. Reblogged this on Ramblings of a Muffintop and commented:
    Visited The Farmhouse in Coventry after hearing plenty of good things. What swayed us in our going, was the decision of the restaurant to make the venue alcohol free! The hospitality was fantastic and so was the food, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the mocktails (the Pina Colada at Las ignuanas is the one to beat!) but it was pretty much faultless execution from start to finish.

    If anyone is around in Coventry, do be sure to give it a go, you’ll be glad you did!

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